Schlitterbahn Announces MASSIV – the Tallest Water Coaster in the World


Record-breaking water coaster will be built at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island

schlitterbahn galveston tx 472First it was the longest river ride, then the longest torrent (action) river ride, then the tallest waterslide. Now, Schlitterbahn is building the world’s tallest water coaster and putting it in the award-winning Schlitterbahn Waterpark on Galveston Island.

GI-Massiv--1024x692Called MASSIV, the German word for massive, the water coaster will be in place in time for the waterpark’s 10th Anniversary celebration this summer. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island is home to more thrill rides than any other Schlitterbahn Waterpark, making it the perfect home for this record-breaking ride.

Not only will MASSIV be the tallest water coaster in the world, but it will also have a number of other innovations:

  • A translucent section that will make riders visible from the river below.
  • Four uphill sections, with six blaster jets.
  • A triple-drop ending into a landing pool – a never-done-before thrilling finale to the ride.

The exact height of the ride will be announced later this spring.

MASSIV utilizes Master Blaster technology, which was invented 22 years ago by Schlitterbahn’s Wizard of Water, Jeff Henry. This technology was licensed to WhiteWater West, which is the company constructing MASSIV.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this iconic ride to Galveston Island,” said Ron Sutula, General Manager for Schlitterbahn Galveston Island. “It’s a massive anniversary present to all our guests, and is going to be a blast to ride!”

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston Island has won numerous awards, including the world’s best indoor waterpark for eight straight years from theme and waterpark enthusiasts world wide. MASSIV will be twice as long as any waterslide in the park and the tallest ride.

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