Summer Camp at Galveston Children’s Museum

Galveston Children’s Museum:

Summer Camps

Galveston Children’s Museum is located at 2618 Broadway, Galveston. For more info go to or call (409)572-2544.

Galveston Children’s Museum’s summer camps offer science and engineering topics in anatmosphere of inquiry for ages 4-14 years old. Each session presents activities designed to actively engage children and promote wonder, questions, and critical thinking. These camps are not intended to stop at the end of the session, but hopefully will continue to spark continued interest and in the best case scenario, lead to heightening curiosity about our wonderful world. To register, go to Camps fill up fast!

Sewing: June 4th-8th (Ages 10-14th) and July 23rd-July 27th (Ages 10-14)

Kids are never too young when it comes to learning crafts, especially sewing. Sewing can not only bring hours of joy, it’s also a practical life skill. This camp is $50 as a single day camp and $250 for the full week.

Tinkering: June 11th-June 15th (Ages 4-6) and August 20th-August 24th (Ages 4-6)

Maker camps indeed! These sessions are all about creating things that move: moving sound waves, moving up, moving on water, moving round and round, and moving through the air. This camp is $50 as a single day camp and $250 for the full week.

Science Smorgasbord: June 25th-June 29th (Ages 4-6)

Get your Einstein on with our extraordinary variety of science topics. FYI, this involves experiencing science…sinking, erupting, wiggling attracting, repelling, and changing…all these things and a great many more will be happening this week. This camp is $50 as a single day camp and $250 for the full week.

Stories, Art, and Drama: July 9th-July 13th (Ages 4-6) and August 6th-August 10th (Ages 4-6)

Campers will take inspiration from some of the greatest child authors and turn their words into works of art. This will be loads of fun exploring picture books, fun art projects, and a dramatic moment or two. This camp will bring books to life with color and action. This camp is $50 as a single-day camp and $250 for the full week.

Maker Camps

There will be much to do with planning and testing, revising, and rebuilding. Trial and error will be the steadfast motto. It’s not an exact science (quite yet) but loads of fun. This camp is $50 as a single day camp and $250 for the full week.

  • Maker 1: June 11th-July 15th (Ages 7-10) and July 23rd-July 27th (Ages 7-10)
  • Maker 2: July 25th-July 29th (Ages 7-10) and August 20th-August 24th (Ages 7-10)
  • Maker Camp (All): July 9th-July 13th (Ages 10-14) and August 6th-August 10th (Ages 10-14)
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