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Summer Camps at Galveston Art Center


5-Day Art Camps

It’s not too early to plan your children’s Summer Camps. These are offered:

Friday Morning Classes

This summer, GAC will offer two distinct focus areas during the summer. Each class date is a self-contained lesson, however, signing up for a block of classes will give kids the chance to build skills up from week-t0-week in a particular focus area. Ages 5-8 years old meet from 9-11am. Cost is $120 for the whole summer, or $15 for a single class. Ages 9-12 year olds meet from 10:30am-12 noon. Cost is $160 for the whole summer, or $20 for a single class. Topics are the same for both age groups.

Sculpture Section

  • June 8th – Paper & Cardboard Sculpture
  • June 15th – Plaster/Concrete Sculpture
  • June 22nd – Wire and Clay Sculpture
  • June 29th – Found Object Sculpture
  • July 6th – Reductive Sculpture (Carving)

Drawing & Painting Section

  • July 13th – Drawing from Life
  • July 20th – Printmaking (block printing and monotypes)
  • July 27th – Layered Pattern Paintings & Drawing
  • August 3rd – Mixed Media Painting (Self-Portraits)
  • August 10th – Drawing and Collage

5-Day Art Camps

These are mini-courses allow students to delve more deeply into a project or theme over a total of 15 hours. All camps meet from 1-4pm, Monday-Friday. Enrollment fee is $150.

The recommended age range for all Art Camps is 8 to 14.  Campers calmly make art for 3 hours every day for a week. You know your own child; please sign him or her up for something he or she will enjoy.

June 25th-29th – Painting Camp II – For ages 11-14 years old, this is similar to the Painting Camp I but for older artists. Try more refined techniques with water-based oils, watercolor pencils, and more. Challenge your observational drawing, planning and designing skills, and practice conceptual thinking.

July 9th-13th – Felting Camp – For ages 9-14, make soft, colorful sculptures out of beautifully hand-dyed raw wool. This is nothing like the machine-made sheets of felt you can buy at the craft store; students in this camp will create and mold real wool felt to make soft, whimsical, one-of-a-kind creations after they draw and plan their own designs.

July 16th-20th – Clay Camp – For ages 7-14, explore a variety of hand-building techniques including coil and slab-construction, using low-fire stoneware and pro­fessional glazes. Learn in the context of both historical and contemporary ceramics to see how clay can be used to create both useful and expressive objects of art.

Galveston Art Center is located at 2127 Strand St., Downtown Galveston. For more info call (409)763-2403 or go to


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