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The Art of Poetry with John Harn


Art of Poetry at GAC With Poet John Harn

Every Thursday through-September 13th, 5:30-7pm, this ongoing workshop with poet John Harn is held at Galveston Art Center, 2127 Strand St., Galveston.

Are you currently writing poetry? Do you want to start? This weekly writer’s workshop is open to poets of all levels of experience. Class members will support each other with advice, strategies, and camaraderie to help each writer find his or her unique voice. Join any Thursday to start your 6-week class. New material will be covered every week. This class is open to anyone 18 or older.

There will be a Poetry Open House and registration Saturday, May 19th. Check in at Facebook for times and to RSVP.

The class is part Poetry Appreciation and part Poetry Writing, with a focus on free-verse, rather than poetry that follows form. Bring your new or very recent work. Class will follow a workshop format, with the goal of continuous writing, discovery, and improvement.

Taught by John Harn, each week, John brings in poems for the class to discuss. Students get the poems in their email before class. Students also bring in poems they have newly discovered to discuss. John will offer resources so students can find outside poems easily (library and online poetry journals).

Once per session, John arranges for a visiting poet to join the class via Skype. Discussions are mostly on technique, but open to any Q&A. John familiarizes students with the visiting poet’s work prior to the skype visit.

Students are encouraged to attend one poetry reading of their choosing during the 10-week session.

Class is held in one of Galveston Arts Center’s three exhibition galleries, so you will also be immersed in contemporary art. Half of each class will be spent working on student poems, and the other half will be spent looking at the work of contemporary poets, with attention to technique.

Class will follow a workshop format, with the goal of continuous writing, discovery, and improvement. To sign-up go to


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