Pleasure Pier: Movies & Concerts All Summer “Up” & Space Monkeys

Discover New Heights of Fun at Pleasure Pier

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, located at 2501 Seawall Blvd., features family-oriented attractions including rides, midway games, food venues, and retail shops. All events and rides are weather permitting. For more info, tickets, and a full list of events go to

Sunday Summer Movies on the Pier (7pm)

  • July 22nd: “Up”
  • July 29th: “Tarzan”
  • August 5th: “Surf Up”
  • August 12th: “Lion King”

Music on the Pier

  • July 19th (6-10pm): Cody Joe Hodges*
  • July 20th (7-11pm): Space Monkeys
  • June 21st (7-11pm): The Others
  • July 26th 6-10pm): Michael Deacon*
  • July 27th (7-11pm): Shadowlands
  • July 28th (7-11pm): Tino Trevino
  • August 2nd (6-10pm): John Stork*
  • August 3rd (7-11pm): Secret Party
  • August 4th (7-10pm): Turning Point
  • August 9th (6-10pm): Jake Bush*
  • August 10th (7-11pm): Zach Tate
  • August 11th (7-11pm): Velvet Punch
  • August 17th (6-10pm): Tino Trevino
  • August 18th (6-10pm): Black Water Roll
  • August 24th (6-10pm):  Shadowlands
  • August 25th (6-10pm): Radio Frequency
  • August 31st (5-9pm): Bama Breeze Band

*Texas Thursday Country Music Series

Summer Special Days

  • July Weekend Adventure Pass – Get into three parks with one pass for $49.99! Enjoy unlimited visits on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the Pleasure Pier, Kemah Boardwalk and Downtown Aquarium Houston.
  • August 16th – National Roller Coaster Day – Buy one All-Day Ride Pass and get one for $5!

“Shark Attack: The Mysterious Underworld 5D”

At the very hard-to-miss giant head of a shark jutting out of the building across from Pleasure Pier at 2424 Seawall Blvd., is the thrilling “Shark Attack The Mysterious Underworld 5D” and “The Mysterious Underworld 5D” rides.

Are you ready to test your bravery on this ferocious “Shark Attack” ride? Prepare yourself – you’re about to be witness to a jaw-dropping prehistoric Megalodon shark! One of the largest and most powerful predators that ever lived is back. “Shark Attack: The Mysterious Underworld 5D” offers visitors a chance to watch as a massive, angry shark attempts to break through what appears to be aquarium glass.

The second attraction is a simulated ride on a mine car into “The Mysterious Underworld” where you can take an exhilarating ride through a dark, forgotten mine. Sitting in a mine car, your seats will swing, sway, and drop as you take this heart-racing ride. Effects include realistic movement in all directions, water, wind, scents, smoke, and fog.

Combo tickets for both rides are $12. A Pleasure Pier combo ticket for $36.99 / $29.99 (based on height) includes an All Day Ride pass and both 5D rides.

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