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Book Review: “Half Outlaw” by Alex Temblador

By Gini Rainey

Writing in a time-shift style, Alex Temblador explores Raquel Warren’s progression of life values from the time her parents are killed in a car accident, and she is introduced to her uncle Dodge, to the final discovery of her paternal grandfather following Dodge’s death.

With strong character development, Temblador puts you in the middle of the lives of The Lawless, a biker gang in southern California and just like a lot of groups of people, there are good bikers and bad bikers. The Lawless were no exception. Uncle Dodge, who had a drug and alcohol problem, was not at all ready to raise a four-year-old, but fortunately a fellow biker, Billy, stepped up and helped him out with a lot of the practical and emotional things it takes to raise a kid to maturity.

Raquel, in present day time had become a lawyer and tried her best to put The Lawless in her rear-view mirror, but with the death of Dodge and the enticement of information leading to her grandfather, her last living relative, Raquel reluctantly joined the Grieving Ride with the other Lawless to honor her uncle’s last wishes.

Filled with enough angst to last a lifetime, this book puts you on the back of Roq’s Iron Head as The Lawless travel along the highways to their destination where Dodge’s ashes were to be scattered. Along the way Billy made certain that Roq met people who had come to know Dodge as a man changed from his life journey with her.

This is a great read and gives the reader an inside look of the lives of riders: people who work hard, live hard, and love deep. Touching a bit on the existential parts of life, and the realities of living, this book deserves a read and a spot on the shelf of anyone who doesn’t believe people are innately good and capable of turning their lives around.

5 of 5

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