GAC: Jan. 19th, “Thank you, Please Drive Thru” Opens

January 19th-March 3rd

Opening of Camp Bosworth, “Thank you, Please Drive Thru”

Camp Bosworth creates elaborately carved and painted wood objects influenced by his West Texas and the U.S. Mexico border surroundings. Hand-carved, and often gilded or painted, the scale of his work often results in humorous and whimsical sculptures. His most recent works are inspired by the menu items of Dairy Queens ubiquitous to small towns throughout Texas. For his exhibition, “Thank you, Please Drive Thru,” Bosworth brings steak finger baskets and soft-served ice cream sculptures to Galveston.

There will be an opening reception on January 19th at 6pm with an Artist Talk at 6:30pm.

In the 1878 & Brown Foundation Galleries, Miss Pussycat presents “The Puppet Worlds of Miss Pussycat.” “The Puppet Worlds of Miss Pussycat” features an installation of puppets and their worlds by New-Orleans based artist, musician, and puppeteer, Panacea Theriac (also known as Miss Pussycat). The exhibition includes puppets and puppet theaters, along with videos, photographs, and ceramic sculptures of her puppets. “The Puppet Worlds of Miss Pussycat” highlights characters and worlds from her last five puppet shows: “The Western Village Shopping Village,” “Clothes Made by Small Furry Animals, Frenchy and Jett,” “The Happy Castle of Goblinburg,” and “The Cookie Carnival Baking Contest.” In her work, Miss Pussycat creates paracosmic fantasies that often relate to her own experience as an artist and musician. She’s in a band and her puppets have a band that releases records, while others are artists and museum workers in a fictitious museum. Each character assumes a life of their own in an ever-evolving series of stories.

On the second floor, Quintron “Drum Buddy (Miss Pussycat Model)” will be on exhibit. Playing on the unique acoustics of the concrete and steel lined second-floor vault of GAC’s 1878 First National Bank Building, New Orleans-based artist and musician Quintron, presents one of his most notable inventions, the Drum Buddy. The Drum Buddy is a light-activated, analog synthesizer which creates murky, low-fidelity, rhythmic patterns triggered by the rotation of recycled #10 pizza sauce cans. Using the unique characteristics of optical sensors, the instrument produces drum-like tones, chirps, and buzzes in four distinct voices: kick, snare, bass, and “space.” Quintron is credited with fostering an analog synth revival in the late 1990’s-early 2000’s with the invention and continual experimentation with the Drum Buddy. The piece on display at GAC is a one-of-a-kind version of the instrument created for Miss Pussycat in 2009. Visitors are invited to enter the vault to experience the unique soundscape produced by this innovative instrument.

About GAC

The galleries and the ArtWorks Museum Store are open to the public Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, and Sunday 12 noon-5pm. Admission is free at all times.


Conversations @ The Center

Conversations @ The Center features artists and arts professionals who speak about and show images of their work, practices, professions, or discuss timely issues in contemporary visual art. The 2019 series highlights Texas-based authors who have published books on topics in contemporary art joined in conversation with individuals that give special insight into local and regional connections to their work. All events are free and open to the public. Scheduled are:

  • January 20th (2-3pm): Bruce Lee Webb and Kevin Thompson – Author Bruce Webb will speak about his book, “As Above, So Below: Art of the American Fraternal Society, 1850-1930,” in conversation with Kevin Thompson, Information Officer for the Galveston Scottish Rite Cathedral.
  • February 16th (2-3pm): Robert Craig Bunch and Robert Dampier – Author Robert Craig Bunch will speak about his book, “The Art of Found Objects: Interviews with Texas Artists,” in conversation with Galveston-based artist Robert Dampier who is featured in the publication.
  • March 31st (2-3pm): Jay Wehnert and Recie Kraemer – Author Jay Wehnert will speak about his book, “Outsider Art in Texas: Lonestars,” in conversation with Galveston resident Recie Kraemer, owner of Karol Virag’s Decoupage House.
  • May (2-3pm): Pete Gershon – Pete Gershon will speak about his book, “Collision: The Contemporary Art Scene” in Houston, 1972–1985, in conversation with an artist featured in the book.

Art Club for Kids (Tuesdays, 4:15-5:45pm) – Perfect for home-schoolers or after school, this mixed age art club centers on the student-directed exploration of drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Instructors focus on expanding students’ experience of art beyond the school classroom and introducing novel art techniques, tools, concepts, and inspiration. GAC instructors teach expressive arts practice, where kids use traditional art techniques to develop essential skills like intuitive reasoning, investigative play, and self-confidence. This program is designed for students in grades 3-9. Cost depends on how many session your child attends.

Every Tuesday (Tuesdays, 6-8pm): Ceramic Studio – Learn hand-building techniques in pottery, figurative sculpture, and glazing with earthenware clay. Create sculptural relief tiles, full 3D sculpture, functional pottery and tableware, figures, and more. This course uses methods that don’t require a potter’s wheel, including pinch-pots, coil construction, and slab-construction. Students will learn the anatomy of a vessel, how to securely join corners and handles, make lids fit properly, and various kinds of surface treatments, textures, and glazes. Fees are $50 for two sessions or $75 for four sessions. Join at any time!


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