“Dinos Alive:” Tyrannosaurus Rex at Moody Gardens Pyramids

Jurassic Adventure Awaits Guests At Moody Gardens “Dinos Alive” Exhibit

Featuring 15 life-like animatronic dinosaurs, including a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, the “Dinos Alive” summer attraction allows guests to get up-close and personal experience with some of the most feared and amazing creatures to ever roam Planet Earth.

And now you can see it at Moody Gardens through August 19th.

In addition to an encounter with the “King of the Dinosaurs,” come face-to-face with several other prehistoric giants including a Citipati, Dilophosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and Coelophysis. There is even an opportunity for hands-on fun with an archeological dig site.

Tickets are $8.95 general admission, children three and under are free. The exhibit is open 10am-8pm daily.

For more information, call 1-800-582-4673 or visit

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