Marine Debris Art Contest for World Oceans Day festival on June 12th

Artists and ocean-lovers of all ages can submit pieces to display at the World Oceans Day festival on June 12th.

Art pieces are comprised primarily of marine debris and demonstrate the effects aquatic trash can have on our oceans and the life that depends on them. During the festival, our judges will view all submissions, and you can get in on the action too!

Registration is open from now until May 30th.

Artwork must be delivered to Artist Boat by June 9th.

Registration fee is $15 for adults or $7 for children.

More Info:

Artist Boat

Artist Boat is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness and preservation of the coastal margins and marine environment through the disciplines of the sciences and the arts. Artist Boat’s Coastal Heritage Preserve currently encompasses a 690 acre conservation area on West Galveston Island. Artist Boat’s goal is to preserve and restore 1,400 contiguous acres from beach to bay. The conservation area is one of the largest unfragmented, single-owner, undeveloped properties of its kind on Galveston Island.

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