New Album from “To Whom It May” Released

Galveston’s To Whom It May’s New Album “The Great Filter Breaks” The Great Silence

Hard Rock/Metal Trio is First Band Signed to Kevin Martin from Candlebox’s New Label G4L Records

On the heels of announcing their signing with Candlebox Frontman Kevin Martin’s label G4L Records earlier last month, Hard Rock/Metal Trio To Whom It May (TWIM) has revealed that they are releasing their much-anticipated album “The Great Filter.”

Featuring their hard-hitting, smash single “Calculate,” TWIM’s latest effort is already being hailed as an impressive lesson in contrasts by many, including the group’s frontman Jonathan Jourdan. As the band’s main songwriter, he describes the record as “a blend of rhythmic and melodic ideas that depend on each other to sound complete.” He goes on to say that it also encompasses “chaotic and soothing moments that depend on each other for balance.”

This dichotomy is also evident within the band itself. Featuring elements of Prog, Metal, and unadulterated Rock n’ Roll, the paired down threesome has created a complexity that is larger than the sum of its parts. Featuring Dexas Villarreal on drums and Robb Mars on bass, these two stellar musicians serve up the group’s signature hard-rocking, groove-infested backbeat while Jourdan adds his guitar riffs soaring into the ether. The result was enough to make multi-platinum selling artist Kevin Martin a fan.

“I knew the minute I heard ‘To Whom It May’ that I wanted to work with them in any way possible,” said Martin. “There is something intangible about EVERYTHING TWIM does musically and that’s what I love about them; they make me want to listen more and more to try and put my finger on it, challenging me, if you will, to understand why, who, or what has inspired these musicians to create such awe-inspiring music!”

The concept for “The Great Filter,” which was produced by Dean DiChosa (Candiria, Family Force 5), is based on the “Great Filter Hypothesis,” answers the question as to why we humans haven’t made contact with aliens yet. It suggests that at some point there is an evolutionary leap that no species can survive, leaving humans with two choices: we’ve passed “The Filter” and were the lucky species that survived or we haven’t met “The Great Filter” yet and inevitably will meet our extinction.

“This resonated with us as an album title because, in a lot of ways, this album was our personal Great Filter:, said Jourdan. “A lot of people also have their own ‘Great Filter’ in their life. Something that makes them fear an inevitable defeat. In that moment you can chose to be paralyzed by it, or you can believe that you will survive”.

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