Paint a Mardi Gras Float with Artist Boat

Learn about Arctic Animals!

For Galveston’s Mardi Gras, Artist Boat has been invited to paint a beautiful mural of Arctic animals on a Mardi Gras float. The theme is “Sailing through Scandinavia” and our Lead Educator and incredible artist Karissa is designing the panels, which will include the land, sea, and sky arctic inhabitants (imagine reindeer, foxes, narwhals, polar bears, terns, gulls, etc).

It’s a rather large float, 32 feet by 6 feet, with top, side, and back panels, so it’s going to require many hours and lots of help, in a short amount of time. Can you help us out?

Don’t worry if you’re not an artist; it will basically be a paint by number project, and the mural will all drawn out and color coded so that it’s easy to follow. We just need your hands and your time, please!

If you could find 2 hours or so, or more, when you can come down and help, that would be fabulous! We only have 2 short weeks to paint, so we’re off and running with it! Our ideal painting day includes 8-16 incredible volunteer artists each time. All skill levels welcome!

Artist Boat is excited to be able to reach a large audience to bring awareness to the impact of climate change on the Arctic and its inhabitants. Imagine, making your mark on a mural that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people!

Please RSVP your availability to this email so I can get you on the painting schedule. See details below.

Location: 4411 Winnie, Galveston TX

Painting schedule:

  • Saturday Jan 18; 10am-1pm and 1-4pm
  • Sunday Jan 19; 1pm-4pm
  • Tuesday Jan 21; 12-4pm and 4-8pm
  • Thursday Jan 23; 12-4pm and 4-8pm
  • Saturday Jan 25; 10am-1pm and 1-4pm
  • Sunday Jan 26; 1pm-4pm
  • Tuesday Jan 28; 12-4pm and 4-8pm
  • Thursday Jan 30; 12-4pm and 4-8pm

Reply to this email or Contact Liz Aguilar at or call (409) 770-0722, Mon-Fri (8am-5pm). Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you! It’s going to be a ton o’ fun!

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