Santa’s Night Out Pub Crawl to Take Place Dec. 22nd

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Santa’s Night Out Benefits The Galveston Seafarers Center Patrons

December 22nd, 7pm-2am, come out and have fun and make a difference at this year’s Santa’s Night Out.

Are you looking for a way to get on Santa’s good side this year? Santa’s Night Out is your ticket to not getting a lump of coal. The annual pub crawl and supply drive, benefiting the Galveston Seafarer Center, returns for a night of pre-holiday fun and festivities through the streets and pubs of Galveston.

The public is invited to join in their finest Santa suits, reindeer outfits, or elf attire, and take to the streets for cold ales, warm toddies, and fine friendship.

Participants to this year’s event are encouraged to bring items of necessity for the men and women who make their life on ships. Supplies can be brought to the first stop at Murphy’s Irish Pub, 213 22nd St., Downtown Galveston.

The Galveston Seafarers Center is a non-profit, multi-denominational organization aimed at serving the needs of men and women who live and work at sea. ​The importance of the seafarer and his or her care while in Galveston is important to the center. These men and women are fathers and brothers, sisters and wives, uncles and mothers, all of whom are far from home. Seafarers Centers around the world make it a top priority to ensure these type of services are available at their facilities.

No advance reservations are required.


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