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Opening November 24th: “Captive Sojourn and the Indefinite” at Galveston Arts Center

New Exhibitions at Galveston Arts Center

Galveston Arts Center (GAC) has three exhibitions currently on view. In the first-floor gallery, Buster Graybill presents sculptures made from objects associated with outdoor leisure and hobbies alongside paintings made from lawn-chair straps for the exhibition “Leisurely.” In the second-floor 1878 Gallery, the exhibition “Cultivate” includes intricate, small-scale sculptures by Jasmyne Graybill. In the Brown Foundation Gallery, Bill Willis presents new paintings based on images sourced from his everyday life as well as vintage cookbooks for the exhibition “Totally Okay.” These exhibitions will remain on view through November 18th.

Kaneem Smith Opens “Captive Sojourn and the Indefinite” with Renata Lucia, and Lina Dib

November 24th-January 13th

The opening of the new exhibits featuring Kaneem Smith, Renata Lucia, and Lina Dib will host an Opening Reception November 24th, 6-9pm, with Artists’ Talks at 6:30pm.

In the main gallery, Kaneem Smith will feature “Captive Sojourn and the Indefinite” on exhibit. Kaneem Smith’s exhibition explores the tumultuous relationship between trade, consumption, and commodities. Referencing Galveston’s location on a natural port in the Gulf of Mexico, and its historical and contemporary ties to the exchange of goods and labor, her installation contemplates the trade of natural materials, specifically cotton and coffee through textiles, such as burlap used for import/export purposes. As a mixed media artist and sculptor with a background in fibers, these concepts run a complex thread throughout her body of work.

In the 1878 Gallery, Renata Lucia will feature “News vs. Nature (Gulf).” Renata Lucia’s paintings reflect on the widening social divides that unfold in the current news cycle. Her works incorporate national and local newspapers, including works created specifically for this exhibition that use pages from “The Galveston Daily News.” Acrylic paint and drawing media are applied to crumpled newspaper pages that are selected for composition and content, resulting in a textured topographical illusion. The intimacy of reading a physical newspaper is contrasted with a detached aerial view. Lucia began the “News vs. Nature” series considering the organized chaos of nature reigning supreme against the psychological toll of bad news. The series shifted and took on new importance in late 2017 as an epic battle began to rage in our perception and discussion of the news. Lucia’s works consider the questions “Is the news fake or, more likely, a last bastion of truth? Is nature sublime, or does it represent the most disturbing aspects of human nature?”

In the Brown Foundation Gallery, Lina Dib will show “Threshold,” an interactive video installation that incorporates video of waves breaking on the Galveston shore just before sunset. The shore’s infinite poetic qualities, constant ebb and flow, and collision of bodies (land and sea) feature largely in Dib’s work. “Threshold” is a kind of homage to Thierry Kuntzel’s “The Waves” and to Andy Warhol’s “Sunset.” It is a tribute and meditation on the specificities of place and our relationship to natural systems.

About GAC

GAC is the organizer of ArtWalk, which takes place every six weeks in Downtown Galveston. The ArtWalk brochure, which lists participating venues, hours, information, and map can be downloaded at The galleries and the ArtWorks Museum Store are open to the public Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, and Sunday 12 noon-5pm. Admission is free at all times.


Art Club for Kids (every Tuesday, 4:15-5:45pm) – Perfect for home-schoolers or after school, this mixed age art club centers on the student-directed exploration of drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Instructors focus on expanding students’ experience of art beyond the school classroom and introducing novel art techniques, tools, concepts, and inspiration. GAC instructors teach expressive arts practice, where kids use traditional art techniques to develop essential skills like intuitive reasoning, investigative play, and self-confidence. Join any week, or enroll for the whole semester! Spring Semester will be January 22nd-May 13th with no class on Mardi Gras February 22nd or GISD Spring Break starting March 12th. This program is designed for students in grades 3-9. Cost depends on how many session your child attends.

Every Tuesday (Tuesdays, 6-8pm): Ceramic Studio – Learn hand-building techniques in pottery, figurative sculpture, and glazing with earthenware clay. Create sculptural relief tiles, full 3D sculpture, functional pottery and tableware, figures, and more. This course uses methods that don’t require a potter’s wheel, including pinch-pots, coil construction, slab-construction. Students will learn the anatomy of a vessel, how to securely join corners and handles, make lids fit properly, and various kinds of surface treatments, textures, and glazes. Fees are $50 for two sessions or $75 for four sessions.

November 4th, 11th, 18th (Sunday, 3-5pm): 10 Steps to Drawing – This is the class for people who “can’t draw,” beginners, or for those who want to brush up on the basics. Master the 7 elements of art and survey a broad range of mediums and subjects. The class is customized to your drawing goals and interests. You’ll start to see as an artist and won’t believe your results after your very first drawing assignment. There will be lots of handouts and resources to keep your drawing practice strong after the class is over. Class fees are $150 for a 6-week session.

Every Monday, November 5th, 12th, 19th (5:30-7:30pm): Printmaking Workshops – Explore a variety of professional printmaking techniques. Instructors are professional, exhibiting printmaking artists who have fine art degrees and lots of experience teaching printmaking to adults. Experience the excitement of pulling out your first original print. Learn how to correctly sign and number editions, create a series of prints, and more. March 4th-April 8th, 2019: the class Printmaking Sampler II with Betsy Campbell will be held. All levels welcome; no experience necessary.

December 8th (10am-4pm): Polymer Clay Workshop – Come to this all-day workshop where Paula Kennedy will show you how to use an extruder to make a variety of different designs including the look of a woven basket, decorative vines, several styles of beads, and miniature quilt patterns. Cost is $75.

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