Titanosaur 3d At Moody Gardens

One of the Largest Animals to Roam the Earth Comes to Life in the MG 3D Theater May 29.

The new film TITANOSAUR 3D begins playing in the MG 3D Theater at Moody Gardens on May 29. This is a film that the entire family can enjoy and children will especially love. Follow scientists as they gather clues to understanding what life was like for the Field Museum’s Titanosaur, Máximo. TITANOSAUR 3D uses vividly photorealistic animation to imagine what these long-necked sauropods looked like and how they moved, ate, and interacted. Travel back over 100 million years to get a glimpse of their Cretaceous environment and follow a Titanosaur’s life from egg to towering titan.

In this film, computer animation brings a group of Titanosaurs back to life as they roam the landscape of the Cretaceous Period, 150 million years ago. The computer-animated Titanosaur weighed 70 tons, equal to about 10 African Elephants. The largest dinosaur bone ever found was an 8-foot femur of a full-grown Titanosaur. These dinosaurs were plant-eating herbivores and may have consumed as much as 1,000 pounds of vegetation per day. They were part of the family of long-necked sauropods and their massive necks could reach to treetops, increasing the amount of vegetation available to them. Titanosaurs digested the plant matter they consumed in their enormous guts by way of microbial fermentation, as elephants do. Like all dinosaurs, these gentle giants laid eggs; about 20-40 softball-sized eggs. It’s believed that they would leave their nest after laying their eggs, leaving the babies to fend for themselves, like most reptiles. Baby Titanosaurs doubled their weight every five days, weighing about 3,500 pounds by their first birthday. Adult Titanosaurs had no predators, but their eggs were vulnerable to creatures like the 19-foot crocodilian relative. Paleontologist Dr. Kristi Curry Rogers is featured in this film while looking up at a massive cast of a Titanosaurus dinosaur. Dr. Kristi Curry Rogers visited a dinosaur exhibit at the age of 11 and this inspired her career as a paleontologist.

TITANOSAUR 3D film aligns with the Moody Gardens mission for education and conservation and will bring a new perspective of the world to growing and inquiring minds. “This film will be a fun and awe-inspiring film for children of all ages. We find that kids are absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs and we are excited to add a film that is so fun and educational to the 3D Theater schedule for guests this summer,” stated Moody Gardens President/CEO, John Zendt.

The MG 3D Theater features the largest screen in Texas, as well as the world’s first 4K 3D giant screen 6-Primary laser projection system. Audiences can see films on the 60 by 80-foot white screen nearly three and a half times brighter than normal theaters, with vibrant colors and new 3D glasses technology.

Along with the theater’s top-of-the-line 11.1 surround sound system, this new laser projection further distinguishes the MG 3D Theater as one of the premier cinema venues, giving viewers the best viewing experience in the world.

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