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Galveston Island State Park this month…

The Galveston Island State Park (GISP) has numerous events going on this summer. These events are fun for the entire family. Most events are free, however, you must pay $5 to get into the park. Galveston Island State Park is located on the west end of the island at 14901 FM 3005, Galveston. For more info call (409)737-1222 or go to tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/galveston-island. Events are:

July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th (10-11:30am): Bay Exploration – This is a hands-on discovery of what’s lurking beneath the murky bay waters. Come join one of these weekly explorations of the connections between the mainland and our island paradise – Galveston Bay.

July 7th, August 4th (8:30-9:30am): Plogging! – What is plogging? Its picking up plastics and jogging for fitness on the beach. Have you recently spotted people toting trash bags while jogging? Or their hands filled with old, sandy plastic bottles? You might soon. Sweden’s latest fitness craze — plogging — is making its way to Galveston Island State Park. The term is a mash-up of jogging and the Swedish “plocka upp,” meaning pick up. In this case, plastic litter. GISP is hosting a plogging session at the Day Use Beach for a short 1/2 mile jog to rid the beach of trash.

July 7th, July 21st, July 28th (1-2pm): Island Survivor – This is a game of life and death in paradise for beach safety. Could you survive the wilderness of Galveston Island State Park? This paradise can be harsh for those without beach safety knowledge. Learn what skill will keep you from drowning. Could you perform a shoreline rescue? How do you avoid big rattlesnakes in the dunes? What major injuries should you prepare for at the beach? Can you name the deadliest animal in the park? If you know the answer to these survival questions, come share your knowledge and learn about the surprising answers with Ranger Lisa. There will be prizes awarded thanks to the Galveston Island Beach Patrol.

July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, August 3rd, August 10th, August 17th (6-7pm): Turtle Patrol – This is a sunset hike for sea turtle conservation. Do you love sea turtles? Us too! Citizen scientists like you are needed for turtle patrol and hike. During the warm nesting season, park rangers conserve habitat, eliminate trash, and patrol the beaches for critters.

July 14th, August 11th, September 8th, October 13th, November 10th, December 8th (1-2pm): Geocaching 101 – High-Tech Treasure Hunting Workshop – GISP will provide high-tech treasure hunting basics and clues to your next wild adventure. Learn how to find hidden treasure within the park and around the globe with this short, activity-based program about geocaching. “Geo” = Earth, “cache” = something hidden like treasure or supplies.

July 14th, July 21st, July 28th, August 4th, August 11th (3-4pm): Star Party Sun Fun – This is a daytime star gazing activity that will quench your thirst for solar knowledge with nature. Each day and night, the Earth’s closest star emits life-giving energy, creates time, and keeps the world spinning. Celebrate the sun with some easy solar printing, creating shadow clocks, and viewing the spectacle of this heavenly body.

July 14th, July 21st, July 28th (6:30-7:30pm): Ghost Hike and Mermaid Tales –
This is a sunset beach hike full of storytelling fun about myths of Galveston Island’s Native Americans, pirates, and explorers while walking the beach.

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