Bryan Museum: Farmer’s Market Every Thursday & Sundays


The Bryan Museum, located in the historic Galveston Orphans Home at 1315 21st St., houses The Bryan Collection, one of the world’s largest collections of historical artifacts, documents, and artwork relating to Texas and the American West. Assembled by J.P. and Mary Jon Bryan, the collection spans more than 12,000 years, with pieces ranging from ancient Native American cultural artifacts to modern twenty-first-century objects.

For more info call (409)632-7685 or go to thebryanmuseum.org. The museum is open Thursday-Monday 11am-4pm, and closed Tuesday-Wednesday.

Every Thursday (3-7pm) and Sunday (8am-1pm) – Galveston’s Own Farmers Market – Join the fun in the beautiful Conservatory and botanical gardens to relax and enjoy time and conversation with friends, family, and Museum staff. Wine, beer, and complimentary bar snacks will be served. During the event, the Museum Shop will also be open so that you may browse the selection of original artwork, hand-painted figurines, unique jewelry, colorful pottery, books, music, and more. Please enter the Guest Parking lot behind the Museum.

The Thursday market of Galveston’s Own Farmers Market (GOFM) started in 2016, is held in the Courtyard at The Bryan Museum, 1315 21st St. The market is held 3-6pm with all the goodness that you’ve come to expect at the market, plus the added charms of the Bryan Museum’s “Wine at the Bryan” weekly event.

At this Thursday market, you can expect free beer from Galveston Island Brewing, live music, locally-sourced snacks, fun kids activities with Galveston Arts Center, a selection of your favorite local GOFM vendors, and the wonderful Bryan Museum’s weekly “Wine at the Bryan” offerings.

If you’ve never been to the Thursday market, this is your opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of The Bryan Museum and shop for gifts and essential menu items with the vendors. Have you seen the beautifully packaged coffee samplers from Local Roast Coffee? Or the lovingly-crafted Chai-tea packages from Galveston Island Moringa? They are exquisite!

Sundays, 8am-1pm, the market is held at the Bryan as well. This locals’ favorite farmer’s market features the same products you have come to expect – only in a new location!

Both markets feature live music, yoga sometimes and are free to attend.

Ongoing – “Eyes of Texas: A Century of Artistic Visions” Special Exhibit – The Bryan Collection holds hundreds of paintings relating to Texas. Each was selected per a basic criterion: the artist had to understand Texas through lived experience. According to J.P. Bryan, founder of the Bryan Museum, “[Each artist] actually participated in the events of the settlement of Texas, those who saw it at its fullest expression or, at the very least, while the dust was still settling on that unique chapter of United States history.” “Eyes of Texas” provides the chance to see the evolving artistic visions that helped to shape Texas. By focusing on the years between 1850 and 1950, these works highlight the artistic search for a regional identity. Each painting serves as both a window and a mirror—a window to view the past and a mirror to reflect on the personal experience.


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