New Season, New Vendors at Galveston’s Own Farmers Market

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Fall Fun & Games Plus New Vendors at Galveston’s Own Farmers Market This Month

Every Thursday 3-7pm and Sunday 8am-1pm, Galveston’s Own Farmers Market is held at The Bryan Gardens, located at 1315 21st St. Join the fun in the beautiful Conservatory and botanical gardens to relax and enjoy time and conversation with friends, family, and museum staff while shopping for locally grown produce, prepared foods, and edible farm products.

The Thursday market features all the perks that you’ve come to expect at the market plus the added charms of the Bryan Museum “Wine at the Bryan” weekly event. The Sunday market also features wonderful goods and the charm of Bryan’s courtyard. Special events sometimes take place including Galveston Arts Center drawing, painting, sculpting lessons, live music, plant sale and Pot-Your-Own-Plant station, and more. It is always free to browse and most events are free to participate.

September 20th, October 14th, 18th, November 11th, 15th, December 9th, 20th (9am-12 noon): The Friends of Rosenberg Library Book Sale & Give-Away takes place. Come peruse the books or just get a free kids’ book to take home.

The Friends curate special selections each month of nature, cooking, and science-related books, and you’ll also find plenty of fiction, children’s literature, and general book goodness. Future book sales will be September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, and December 9th. This is held every second Sunday of the month.

Every Sunday: Yoga Classes – There are also yoga classes available every Sunday at 10am at the market. These classes are led by local yoga teachers. All classes are free to attend and anyone is welcome to participate. Weather permitting.

Every Sunday: “Bring a Cup” – GOFM is doing away with disposable cups. They need the community’s help to stock the market with mugs. Clean out the cupboards and bring them to market! Donated reusable cups will be available for use at the market – if you use it, take it home with you. Keep it, love it, or wash it and bring it back the next week.

September 27th and 30th: Kid’s Corner – Houston Bay Area Creative Reuse (HBACR) joins Galveston’s Own Farmers Market several times in the upcoming months. They’ll offer free kids crafts and life skills activities fit for all ages, all utilizing donated supplies. Donated arts and craft supplies are available for sale at a deeply discounted price.

HBACR is non-profit recycles donated items that would otherwise end up in a landfill like old art supplies, architectural salvage, fabric and notions. They resell them at a very low price for artists, students, teachers and parents to give access to the arts.. Future dates are October 4th and 25th.

September 27th – Get A Card with Rosenberg Library – Come out to get a free library card and spread the word about Rosenberg Library’s programming & events.


The Thursday market gains a new vendor! Welcome Cultured Heat – they make small batch hot sauces through natural fermentation and locally-sourced peppers. Stop by the market to get a taste of these complex and flavorful sauces

Jolly Farms is back on Thursdays, meaning you can grab your beloved pasture-raised chickens during the week now. Whole broilers and your favorite cuts are available.

GOFM’s Young Gardeners Program have created an Amazon wishlist, perfect for those of you who have asked how you can contribute to this program’s success other than putting your hands in the dirt! YGP needs all kinds of equipment and materials to keep our kids happy and healthy, growing and learning. Find the list at Amazon > Young Gardeners Program Wish List.


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