2-Day Taiguruma Kids’ Workshop

August 2, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – August 3, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Galveston Arts Center
2127 Strand Street
Galveston, Texas, 77550
United States
Galveston Arts Center

In this workshop, go on an inspiring cultural journey and learn about the festivities involved in the making and use of Taiguruma, the traditional Japanese fish-shaped paper lantern on wheels.

Taiguruma is part of an annual celebration in Niigata, Japan, Galveston’s sister city, where, for generations, children have built the lanterns from scratch and paraded them through the streets.

Originating from the Maki region of Niigata over 150 years ago, Taiguruma is is made by stretching paper over a bamboo frame and then painting it to look like a sea bream (known as “tai” in Japanese). A candle is placed inside and between the flickering of the candle and the uneven movement of the Taiguruma as it bounces over the ground it looks likethe fish are swimming around you.

Niigata Delegates are helping to keep the tradition alive by traveling and teaching the art of the Taiguruma to others. In this workshop, they will teach the easy version. They will teach the advance version for adults at a separate 4-day workshop at Galveston Art Leauge (on Postoffice Street) August 5-8.

Translation provided by Mayuko Gray and Stewart Pagan.

Tuition: $85
Reccommended for ages 10 and up; younger children are encouraged to attend with a parent.

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