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Sea Star Base Galveston:

Youth Sailing Saturdays

At its strategic perch overlooking Offatts Bayou, Sea Star Base Galveston (SSBG) resembles a five-star hotel beckoning guests to stop in. But looks can be deceiving. At Sea Star Base Galveston, the sea is an extraordinary classroom that provides hands-on opportunities for youth to learn and build character through challenging, rewarding, hands-on experiences.

Sea Star Base Galveston is a high adventure marine and a maritime destination offering aquatic education programs that instill lifetime leadership, teamwork skills, and independence in body, mind, and spirit. For more info go to or call (409)572-2560. Sea Star Galveston is based at 7509 Broadway, Galveston.

Upcoming events include:

Every Saturday: Youth Sailing Saturdays – The Youth Sailing Program at Sea Star Base Galveston is unlike any other youth program in the country. It is their belief that every child has the ability and should have the opportunity to learn how to sail and become an ambitious, skilled, and active lifetime sailor. Children are taught by the highly skilled staff at this world class sailing facility but the benefits do not end there. In the youth sailing program, children learn stewardship of the oceans, coasts, and communities; they are heavily mentored by dedicated volunteers and learn physical and social skills that will carry them throughout life. These classes are open to the public. Beginning Sailors classes are 9am-12 noon. Intermediate Sailors classes are 1-5pm. Non-members can pay the daily rate of $25 per session. Membership is $200 annually for students only.

Every Sunday (12:30-4:30pm): Schooner Sundays – These sailing lessons are for those interested in learning to sail, becoming members, or simply looking to enjoy a day out on the water. Guests are invited to work the sails if they like, or even steer, as the Captains point out areas of interest along the route. Reservations are required. This is free for members and $50 for non-member adults, $40 non-member students.

February 16th (7am-12 noon): Fishing Day Camp, Let’s Catch Sheephead – Make fishing an addition to your SSBG program or make it a program for your group, pack, troop, crew, or ship. Capt. Cody Dunn, SSBC’s Professional Fishing Guide, will be spearheading the 2019 Fishing Camp Program as well as holding workshops on safety and local ecology. You can bring your own pole or use one of SSBC’s generously donated poles. Live bait, cleaning table, nets, life jackets, bottled water, and a lot of catching know-how are all provided during this 4-hour fishing adventure at SSBG. Future Fishing Camps are:

  • March 16th: Black Drum, Sheephead
  • April 20th: Everything Running
  • May 11th: Everything Running

Kayak the Bay at SSBC

These Intro to Kayaking classes are designed to be a course for beginners with no experience or for those that have never taken a kayak class. In the ACA Kayaking 1 and 2 classes, participants will learn about the parts of the boat and their function, basic paddle strokes, and rescues. Classes will take place at Sea Star Base Galveston. The cost for this 8-hour course is $100. Upon completion of the class, participants will have the skills needed to self-rescue, assist in a rescue of someone else, be able to maneuver their kayak efficiently and effectively on calm bodies of water. Classes are:

  • March 2nd, May 5th, September 14th (8-hour course held 8am-5pm): Introduction to Kayaking Level 1
  • April 13th, August 31st, October 26th (8-hour course held 8am-5pm): Essentials of Kayak Touring Level II

Spring Break Aquatic Adventure Camps

SSBG’s Aquatic Adventure Camps are returning just in time for Spring Break, March 11th-15th. If you are looking for a Spring Break program that is action-packed and educational, look no further than the SSBG Spring Break Aquatic Adventure Day Camps. All activities will provide educational opportunities while creating an unforgettable aquatic experience – all led by a highly skilled team of captains and mariners. Campers will navigate and explore the pristine waterways of Offatts Bayou and Galveston Bay while learning maritime terminology, the principles of sailing, boating skills, ecology of the bayou, and much more.

Camps are daily 8am-6pm. Campers can choose from the following programs each day: dinghy small boat sailing, sonar keelboat sailing, sailboat cruising, ultimate kayaking, and hooked on fishing.

Registration opens February 1st at Cost is $145 a day and a discount is available for multiple days. These are for ages 8-17.

Pi Day
March 14th (1:59-4pm)

Sea Star Base Galveston (SSBG) and SMART Family Literacy invite curious high school students, middle school students, and families to Pi Day Galveston, a celebration of math. Pi Day is celebrated around the country on March 14th, because of its connection to 3.14, the decimal approximation of the newer ending non-repeating number. Math enthusiasts and Pi Day punsters enjoy eating pie, especially at 3:14pm, singing “Happy Birthday” to Albert Einstein, and exploring math activities and concepts.

Join for this awesome, activity-packed celebration! A number of items will be available for purchase for $3.14, including “Frito Pi” and t-shirts for math-y artists to paint at the event. Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite math t-shirts with the best puns they can find. Admission is free and RSVP is required.


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