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“Angel Talk” by Cathy Catching

Author Cathy Catching has written three wonderful books.  The first book, “Angel Talk: A True Story of One Woman’s Miraculous Healing and the Angels Who Got Her Through It” is a fascinating true story about one woman’s interactions with heavenly beings and her recovery from an incurable and debilitating disorder. Learn how the author awakened her sixth sense and discovered that she could actually hear her angels talking to her. “Angel Talk” is packed full of valuable life lessons and heavenly messages.

The second book, “Guidebook to Angel Talk” is a remarkably detailed handbook on how to communicate with angels and other divine beings. Learn the basics about angels, how they interact with us, and how to unlock your own divine connection. Through this connection, you can have personal conversations with your own guardian angel, the Archangels, departed loved ones, or any other heavenly being.

Her third book, “Healing with Angel Talk: Learn How Your Angels Can Help You Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul” is an extraordinary handbook that teaches methods on healing the mind, body, and soul with angelic assistance. Learn about the big picture and our role here on earth, the lessons that our angels want us to learn, how they communicate, how to meditate, the power of our own thoughts, and the importance of getting in touch with our five senses. Your angels want you to understand about their unconditional love and are eager for you to talk with them. They want you to be happy and healthy, and they will show you exactly how to do so. After reading “Healing with Angel Talk,” you will have all the necessary tools to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Books can be purchased and signed at Mysticatz, located at 2021 Strand #1, Downtown Galveston. Mysticatz is located in the beautiful downtown historic district and carry an assortment of jewelry, rocks, crystals and other unique gift items.  

For more info call (409)740-1565, go to, or on Facebook @ccatching.



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