Dash Beardsley: Galveston’s Premier Paranormal Expert


Dubbed as the Ghost man of Galveston, Dash is considered Galveston’s premier paranormal expert. His tour has been voted the #1 most popular haunted ghost tour in America. Uncover buried secrets of Galveston’s own residents with one of four tour options. Dash has built each tour based on years of research, personal experience, and accounts from local residents. Ticket prices are $20 for adults ages 11 and older, $15 for children ages 2-10, and infants 0-2 are free. Choose from one of these four tours:

Original Ghost Tour on The Strand

This is Galveston’s most popular ghost tour and the tour that started it all. This is a year-round walking tour that takes guests through one of the busiest areas in Galveston: The Strand. The Strand is a historical district at the heart of Downtown Galveston and is known for its rich history and haunting past. This tour provides guests with historical context into why Galveston is one of the most haunted cities in the world and a hotspot for paranormal activity. This tour is family friendly and ideal for a paranormal novice’s first tour.

Restless Spirits Tour

The Restless Spirits Tour is the sequel to the Original Ghost Tour on The Strand, but explores areas not included in the Original Ghost Tour. This tour is a little bit darker than the Original Ghost Tour and does include some unsavory stories and subject matter making the Restless Spirits Tour most appropriate for older audiences.

Secret Society Cemetery Tour

This tour takes guests on a haunting and historic journey through the Old City Cemetery, one of the area’s oldest cemeteries. The cemetery is actually seven cemeteries that have grown together over time and holds the remains of soldiers from the civil war, people who perished in The Great Storm of 1900, and many others who met their untimely fates in Galveston. Many consider this to be the most exhilarating of all the tours, as you will hear the horrifying stories of the dead as they lie just below your feet.

Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour

This is a group tour with a minimum of 15 persons per group.This thought provoking tour will reveal answers to a number of unsolved mysteries of Galveston Island. During the tour you will hear compelling evidence that the legendary Jack the Ripper may have actually killed on this very Island. Cameras are encouraged, but recording devices are prohibited.

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