Dash Beardsley Ghost Tours of Galveston

Join a haunted ghost tour like no other! Galveston’s oldest and longest-running ghost tour is owned and operated by Dash Beardsley, the known authority on Galveston and its hauntings.The rich history of Galveston Island is infused with thoroughly researched historical evidence and personal accounts from local residents.

Tours are given daily, year-round, with three to choose from.

The ‘Original Ghost Tour’ tells of the history and explanations behind the enormous amount of paranormal activity in the city and the tales of documented residents of Galveston who have stayed behind.

The ‘Restless Spirits Tour’ presents to the visitor a number of buildings with ongoing paranormal activity, much of which is documented for you to see, hear and decide for yourself.

Or become a hush-hush member of the ‘Secret Society Cemetery Tour,’ with tales of Galveston’s legendary woes and the woebegone amid the sights of the tantalizing and mysterious City Cemetery.

These tours are unique and a fun way to see the haunted history of the island.

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