Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Galveston Island 2 Ways

Although strolling along the Seawall and lounging on a sandy beach are some of the best ways to enjoy Galveston’s coastal charm, there are more adventurous ways to take it all in. Watch the ocean tides roll on the shore and enjoy a spectacular view of the Seawall, Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, and other hotspots from the cockpit of a helicopter during a flight with Galveston Helicopter Tours. Take your pick from four different tours, each of which provides a unique way to explore the island. To reserve your spot, go to Rates start at $35 per person!

Looking for your next rush of adrenaline? Try leaping out of an airplane 14,000 feet above Galveston with Skydive Galveston.

Freefall at 120 miles per hour as you admire a view of miles of coastline before landing right on the beach. Every dive is accompanied by a seasoned skydiver, so don’t worry if you’re a first-timer trying to cross this off of your bucket list.

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