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Galveston Art League Exhibits Joseph C. Henderson in August

The Galveston Art League Gallery is located at 2117A Postoffice St. in Galveston. For more info go to

As a child, award-winning artist Joseph C. Henderson liked to paint. But Henderson – the Galveston Art League’s Featured Artist for August – didn’t start painting seriously until moving to Galveston about five years ago. For three decades before that, Henderson, now 63, was a registered architect — which could explain why he likes to include famous city landmarks in his paintings. He also enjoys painting beaches and boats. 

Henderson’s passion for art began when he was in middle school, with the youngster often painting in his family’s Indianapolis basement. Family, friends, and a very strong art faculty in high school were highly supportive. 

He began painting with watercolors but now works in acrylic on panel or canvas. Henderson says his painting process is typical: He begins with an underpainting layer of burnt sienna and then he sketches the subject while working from photographs. He develops the scene with additional darker tones, eventually adding color and adjusting colors as the painting develops.

Henderson believes artists should keep their minds open: “Explore new styles, subject matter, and media. Embrace the unexpected when you work. An unintended effect might completely alter the piece you are working on, often with great results.” 

He has won several awards in Galveston Art League juried competitions, including McGivney Purchase Awards in 2017 and 2018. (Those paintings are now part of the Rosenberg Library’s permanent art collection.)

Pictured is the “Heye House,” a painting by Joseph C. Henderson, was a McGivney winner in a Galveston Art League competition. It’s now in the permanent collection of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston.

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