Concerts GALORE This Weekend at Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe is a music venue that supports live, original music and is located at 413 20th St., in Downtown Galveston. For tickets and more info, go to or find them on Facebook. Get your tickets early, most of these shows will sell out fast.

Concerts are:

  • March 21st (8:30pm): Grant Peeples and Matt Harlan opening
  • March 22nd (8:30pm): Possessed by Paul James, Grifters & Shills, Charles Bryant
  • March 23rd (8:30pm): Harbors Over Highways
  • March 27th (8:30pm): Freddy & Francine, Robert Kuhn
  • March 28th (8:30pm): An Evening with Bruce Robison
  • March 29th (8:30pm): Gurf Morlix with Gabe Wootton opening
  • March 30th (8:30pm): Joe Ely with James Steinle opening
  • April 3rd (8:30pm): Kevin Russell with Christy Hays opening
  • April 4th (8:30pm): John Baumann with John “Mud” Kovacevich opening
  • April 5th (8:30pm): Oliver Penn and Charlie & The Regrets opening
  • April 6th (8:30pm): “An Evening with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines”
  • April 11th (8pm): Emily Scott Robinson
  • April 12th (8:30pm): Two Tons of Steel with Kevin Anthony & G-Town opening
  • April 13th (8:30pm): Freddie Steady’s Birthday Bash featuring Freddie Steady’s Wild Country
  • April 19th (8:30pm): Lisa Morales Band
  • April 20th (8pm): Scott H. Biram with Mike Stinson opening
  • April 26th (8:30pm): Gabe Wootton Songwriters Series
  • April 27th (8:30pm): Brightwire with Little Outfit opening
  • May 1st (8pm): James Steinle and Garrett T. Capps with Gabe Wootton opening
  • May 3rd (8pm): Jana Pochop, Shawnee Kilgore, Mandy Rowden
  • May 10th (8pm): Susan Gibson with Jorge Palomarez opening
  • May 11th (8pm): Song Swap with Sean Devine, Jimmy Pizzitola, Mile Stinson
  • May 7th (8pm): Jeremy Nail with Bill Bloomer opening
  • May 18th (8pm): Los Mighty Hooks
  • May 24th (8pm): Gabe Wootton Songwriters Series
  • May 25th (8:30pm): An Evening with Shake Russell
  • May 31st (8pm): Mary Bragg with Libby Koch opening
  • June 1st (8:30pm):  Grady Lee with Lucky Boyd opening

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